We ARE Spirit

Spirit is the divine breath of life.
Spirit is not something we have or possess.
Spirit is what we are.

Spirit is the essence of all life that connects all life and makes life different from anything composed simply of time, space, energy or matter. The spirit that is noticed in an individual entity is the same spirit that is noticed in the entire universe. They are connected and different viewpoints of the same thing. Spirit is the creative force that brought the universe into existence. When a plant or animal or any other kind of organism reaches a level of being able to exhibit some connection with spirit and can manifest some harmony with spirit, it becomes alive with that essence.

We are not our bodies. We are not our minds. We are not our identities. We are not our possessions. We may possess or control these things and we may identify our sense of being with these things, but we are not them. A working analogy might describe our minds as being similar to a radio receiver and spirit as being similar to a radio broadcast. The radio signal (like spirit) is everywhere but is commonly observed when it is processed by a radio receiver (like our minds) into a form that we notice. One entity does not possess more (or less) spirit than another, but one entity may have a more enhanced ability to process and display the spirit signal than another does.

Spirit seems to generally resist attempts to assign attributes or characterizations to it, but one tag that may fit better than many others is creativity. When you examine creative effort, you will always find a spiritual component behind it.

We are not our bodies or our minds or anything else related to energy or matter. We are the infinite, shining, creative force of spirit that breathes divine breath into everything that lives.