The Mantra of God

A mantra is a sound or word or symbol that offers access to spiritual wisdom and has the ability to promote spiritual transformation. The creative impulse that started our universe into operation could be considered a mantra. It would have been simple and elegant, yet capable of unfolding infinite layers of complexity, like a recursive equation that spins fractal webs. It had to create time then space and fold them into energy and matter and do it in such a way that they would create the fantastic sandbox of random evolving that can produce anything.

The mantra of God is like a word in the way that words can combine the rhythm and harmony of sound to convey meaning that can create. It is like a single word song that builds a chord that paints a picture and reverberates, creating more songs and pictures. If you can imagine a single word that could create everything else, you can listen to the song of the soul, the music of the spheres, the mantra of God.