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Establishing Trust

Trust is confidence in our ability to predict an outcome. It is a level of self-assurance that we know enough about a situation or a person or a group or even a process, to make good decisions about what will happen. Trust is usually developed over time with experience tested predictions and outcomes. In a …

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Eudaimonic Well-being

Eudaimonia involves being in good spirits and flourishing and implies a state that goes beyond just seeking pleasure or happiness. Hedonism seeks a state of constant pleasure without associating any growth, meaning, virtue, excellency, fulfillment, or sense of purpose with that happiness. Aristotle believed that a fuller happiness can be developed by living a worthwhile …

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Rules for Living Well

Study and apply ethics – always think about what is the best thing to do and don’t kid yourself with the silly tricks of justification that most of us try to use on ourselves Use moral codes (distilled ethics) – understand that moral codes aren’t perfect or absolute, but they generally work for most cases …

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