Spiritual Bonding

Spiritual bonding takes place when two entities make a connection that transcends normal physical existence and creates a bridge between the two using the fundamental creative force of the universe. This force is the source of everything physically manifested and is found in everything and unifies everything. We are all made from the same stuff.

As life progresses, we filter this spiritual force and begin to forge an individual viewpoint of it. Each individual viewpoint is unique, but each one is also a view of the same fundamental force. In order to create a bridge of spiritual bonding, it becomes necessary to realize the triviality of the individual point of view and the pervasiveness of the creative spiritual force. Trust helps because a willingness to become more vulnerable makes the process easier.

The realization that we are the same stuff and the sacred contact that can be established through a connection based on that, has been described with the word, “namaste”. Once this connection has been made, it tends to remain.