Rules for Living Well

  • Study and apply ethics – always think about what is the best thing to do and don’t kid yourself with the silly tricks of justification that most of us try to use on ourselves
  • Use moral codes (distilled ethics) – understand that moral codes aren’t perfect or absolute, but they generally work for most cases and for the most good – that is how they got to be moral codes
  • Take care of yourself first, but don’t stop there – serve others as well as you serve yourself
  • Do no harm
  • Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, specially to yourself (or you will become lost)
  • Respect the fact that there are things that don’t belong to you – don’t take them, don’t adjust them, don’t want them, just leave them alone and move along with your own life
  • Simplify things and concentrate on the important stuff
  • Integrate work and chores with meditation and vice versa
  • Finish things, acknowledge communications, stay in touch with old friends
  • Different points of view contain the solution for every problem – be willing to shift and change your position and expand your point of view
  • Preserve your integrity – your sacred center is holy because it connects you to everything else, do not attempt to dilute it
  • Sorrow, regret, guilt and shame can be toxic if they fester, eliminate them and heal – the faster you pay your debts, the less interest you will owe

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