Questing for Visions

A vision quest is a search for guidance on a spiritual level. Most guidance offered by other humans is about physical existence and survival. Visions that represent spiritual guidance cannot be found in a particular time or place or thing, but they can be sought for using methods that have worked for others.

The first step in any vision quest is either the posing of a question or the openness to receive guidance in a general sense. Sometimes, they come together. The blank slate of an open mind makes for the best writing material. This can be clouded if there is an expected answer paired with the question, so any question is best asked without expectation.

Once the question has been posed (even if it’s a blank question) and both spirit and mind are calm and receptive, an answer becomes possible. Answers may seem to come from both internal and external sources. A sudden inspiration may be derived from a period of wondering and pondering that methodically leads to an answer in the way that deliberate calculation can. But the same process may be guided by an external influence or an external answer may present itself with no obvious process at all. In some cases, it’s important to understand how this works, but at other times, it may be important to simply accept the answer, without over-analyzing it.

When the answer has arrived and been recognized, we need to integrate it with everything else that we are. This may require either action or inaction. Integrating a new piece of guidance into our lives means living according to that guidance.

Other forms of seeking spiritual guidance include: meditation, prayer, and rituals of many kind.