Higher Consciousness

We take it for granted that we are conscious, usually without defining what that means. We also take it for granted that we are at a higher level of consciousness than other life forms we commonly encounter. We observe the ability of a life form to manipulate the environment around it and compare that to our own ability. Then we create a casual assessment of intelligence based on analytical reasoning ability and accumulation of knowledge that can be communicated.

While it seems natural to associate consciousness with the ability to manipulate things and with intelligence, consciousness alone does not automatically imply those characteristics. It does imply self awareness and awareness of things other than self. And when we use the term, “higher consciousness” we often attribute to it some form of spirituality or advanced awareness and connection to things other than self.

A higher consciousness that harmonizes with energy and matter might not have any need to manipulate its environment. And if it can connect with other forms of consciousness in a direct spiritual manner, it might not have any need to communicate with symbols.