Ethics is a Bridge to Spiritual Advancement

Spirit is the essence of what we are and is not our body or our mind. It is the creative impulse that is a precursor to time and space and energy and matter and all things related to them. Spiritual advancement is an increase in the functioning ability of what we consider to be spirit.

Ethics is the consideration and analysis of what is the right thing or best thing to do. It includes balancing what is right for ourselves with what is right for others. It considers the degree of rightness and the scope of rightness. Included in what is considered to be right are moral codes, laws and other cultural standards.

Poor or weak ethical analysis is a barrier to advancement of spirit because it limits our viewpoint and can lead us down incorrect paths that limit our spiritual development. Bad ethics are usually the result of one or a combination of several factors: just ignoring what we know is right, failing to collect good facts, failing to do a comprehensive analysis of the ethical consideration. In all of those cases, the limitations that allow for poor analysis also inhibit growth. Following up bad analysis with ethically bad actions usually results in some form of consequence, even if the feedback is delayed or not obvious.

Good or strong ethical analysis creates an increase in understanding and empathy with other viewpoints that enhance spiritual connections. The exercise of performing strenous ethical analysis develops ethical and spiritual ability just as physical exercise strengthens muscles and develops physical ability. The positive feedback that comes from taking good actions after the analysis offers new connection channels and sometimes develops un-anticipated pathways and potentials.

Spiritual advancement depends upon ethical advancement.