Auto Self Training

We train neural networks by pushing data through them repeatedly and correcting mistakes in the output, tweaking the pathways toward higher success rates. We also train the neural pathways in our brains in similar fashion, using repetition to lock knowledge into place, so it can be retrieved later.

It is possible to train our brains in this manner while we sleep. We can reinforce knowledge patterns we learned while awake, by repeating them during sleep time. We can also learn new knowledge while we sleep.

The Sleeping Brain Is a Marvelous Memory Making Machine

Record, Replay, Retain

As you go about your day, various experiences are transformed into electrical impulses that spread through neural networks in the hippocampus. These waves of activity gently tweak the connections between neurons called synapses, making some stronger and others weaker.

Roughly speaking, memories are temporarily stored in these changes in synaptic strength, much like information in a computer is stored by swapping 0s and 1s.

Newly formed memory traces are extremely fragile. Without further processing, they fade into the brain’s background chatter. The hippocampus acts as a sorting facility for these newcomers — only the important ones are consolidated into existing memory networks and transferred to the cortex for more permanent safekeeping.