Attention is a Resource

Attention is focus. Attention involves selection, filtering, prioritization and concentration. Attention involves how we decide to spend our valuable time. Attention is an important resource.

We all understand that our time is valuable to us. But how we focus our time with our attention determines how wisely our time is spent. It begins with an ethical analysis of how to allocate our time. But our attention determines how we focus on that usage, how we prioritize it and how we execute it.

It is important to understand that attention has limits. Once we have decided to focus completely on one area without allowing interruptions, we have little attention left for anything else until we change the priority.

We seek attention from others. We may compete for attention. We talk about attention deficit and attention surplus. If we waste our attention, many other things may start to go wrong from lack of attentioin. Attention is one of the most valuable resources we have. Spend it wisely and reap the rewards.